7 Attractive Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes


A woman looks beautiful by her lip shapes. Here different types of lip shapes are define. The lips look the best it can girls and woman across the world by lip shapes. The general classification of lip shapes is available Here.  Full lip shapes means the upper and lower lips both are looking pretty.

Lip makeup does not come In a one shape fits all reserved! We all have different types of lips- some of us are blessed with fuller lips while others have thin lips.

Whether you have thin, even or fuller lips, makeup has the authority to make them appear more beautiful and well accentuated.

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Top Heavy lips:

Majority of Indian woman have top weighty lips. Valuable makeup tips and tricks can easily make top heavy lips appear even and beautiful.

  • Start by lining your lips from the centre of your lips to the outside by following your natural lip shape.
  • Apply a bright lipstick on the bottom of your lips and a slightly darker tone of the brighter lipstick on the top to create an fantasy of smaller space to give a smaller lip look.
  • You can also apply the same lip colour on the higher as well as lower lips and then apply a dab of white pencil or eye-shadow to the centre of the lower lip to achieve balance, constancy and fuller look.
  • Another trick to follow to make heavy lips appear smaller is to use a lip pencil and start filling your lips just inside the natural line and then finish it off with lipstick.
  • The simplest trick to make fuller and heavy lips appears smaller is to use a dark toned lip color as it will reduce the importance of fuller lips.

Bottom Heavy Lips:

Bottom heavy lips are actually pretty and attractive! But some women look to hide that pout!

The simplest trick to even out bottom heavy lips is to use the same lip colour on the upper as well as lower lips, and then apply a dab of white pencil or creamy nude matte eye-shadow only to the centre of the upper lip to achieve balance, constancy and fuller look.

Uneven Lips:

If your upper and lower lip shape and size do not match, then you have uneven lips.

  • People with uneven lips should use a lip pencil to outline your upper lip, making both the sides of the upper lip match up first and then follow the same for the lower lips.
  • Then, mark the lip linear with a very light hand to eliminate any rough and hard edges to achieve a natural finish.
  • Be careful with this trick! The lip linear has to be drawn with a very light hand and blended well otherwise it might turn out to be unflattering.

Flat Lips:

Flat lips have no dimension or depth and appear very flat without important outline. It is a best choice to use light and softer lip colours for people with flat lips as dark lip colors will make lips appear very flat and small.

  • Start by outlining your lips slightly outside the natural lip line of your lips.
  • Shimmery and frosty lip formulas work well on thinner and flatter lips as it adds a fuller and plumping effect.
  • Ombre lip effects also work well on thinner and flat lips.
  • Start by filling the outer corners of your lips with a dark lip colour and fill the centre of the lips with a soft or bright lip colour to create a gorgeous ombre lip effect.
  • If you are not ready to sport ombre lips, you can apply the same lipstick colour all over your lips and then add a shimmery highlighter to the centre of your upper as well as bottom lips to create a plumper lip appearance.

Thin Lips:

Thin lips require more dimension and space.

  • Start by applying lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line and then softly smudge it.
  • Apply a darker lip colour to the lower lip and softer lip colour to your upper lip and combine everything together with a clean lip brush.

Overlarge Lips:

Overlarge lips have the power to dominate the whole face. So, always select softer lip colours with a rich matte regularity to keep your lips appear soft and even.

  • Try nude lip.
  • It is best to do a heavy Smokey eye or a highlighted cheek area for face makeup to carry away attention from the overlarge lip size.

Small Lips:

Small lips look cute on some but most want to have that lovely pout.

  • You can apply shimmery, frosty and glossy lipstick formulas which will add fullness to the small lips.
  • Do not apply very dark lip colours as it will make lips appears smaller.
  • Choose brighter and softer lip colours to accentuate your lips the best way.


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