Verified!! Does coconut oil clog pores And Cause Acne?


Coconut oil clog pores is consider to be a “Superfood”, a unique status given to very few foods by the health experts. Does coconut oil Clog Pores? Is this oil bad for oily skin? Here I will explain about the Does Coconut oil Clog Pores And Causes Acne? The manifold benefits of this oil include weight loss, skin health, hair growth, better brain functioning, medicinal uses and many more.

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for treating many of the common skin problems and diseases. It is a fantastic skin moisturizer and an excellent remedy for microbial infection and inflammations that occur in the skin.

While some support the use of coconut oil for Acne (Coconut Oil Clog Pores), others totally reject and forbid the use of this oil in acne management. In this article, you are going read about Coconut Oil Clog Pores and facts of Coconut oil.

Does Coconut oil clog pores?  

Coconut oil clog pores

  • Any substance that blocks the pores (Coconut Oil Clog Pores) in the skin is called Comedogenic. Coconut oil is said to be fairly comedogenic.
  • On a comedogenic rating scale of 5, coconut oil’s Comedogenicity =2 and Irritancy = 1. According to this rating, coconut oil is ‘fairly comedogenic’. However, some of the health experts have given this oil a comedogenic rating of 4, equal to ‘highly comedogenic’.
  • Skin types of many people have comparatively larger pores (Coconut Oil Clog Pores) in the skin to the others who have narrow pores in the skin.
  • Skin pores (Coconut Oil Clog Pores) with a wider opening are highly susceptible to get clogged by external factors like oils, cosmetics, or dirt.
  • Some of the studies have pointed out that most people who get severe acne issues are persons who have comparatively larger pores (Coconut Oil Clog Pores) in the skin.

What Does “Clogged Skin Pores” Mean?

Skin pores are tiny little openings in the skin. The sebaceous gland which produces the body’s natural oil called sebum is located in the skin pores.

It is through these Coconut oil clog pores the sebum oil is release to the top surface of the skin. Every pore has a hair follicle beneath it and hairs grow out through this opening.

A square foot of human skin will contain one hundred forty-four million pores and supposing that a medium-sized man’s surface is made of fourteen square feet”.

The pores in the skin are extended downloaded and reach several layers of skin below.

What cause clogged Pores (Coconut oil clog pores)?

The pores in the skin can get clogged or blocked when it is filled with an excess amount of sebum. Accumulation of dead skin cells in the openings in the skin can also block them. They can also get clogged with dirt and filth which enters them from the external environment.

Here are a few reasons that may cause the blocking of the pores: Coconut oil Clog Pores

  • Excessive production of sebum oil;
  • Use of organic and plants oils;
  • Dehydrated skin;
  • Poor hygiene and cleanliness;
  • Dead and dry skin cells;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Fluctuation in hormones production;
  • Genetic reasons;
  • Allergenic reactions;
  • Bacteria;
  • Fungal infection.

Does Coconut oil clog pores?

  • Answer to this question very much dependent on the types of skin you have.

If your skin is highly prone to getting frequent bouts of acne, in all probability, coconut oil may clog your pores. It means to say that you have skin with larger openings in the skin.

If you have oily skin, it is a clear indication that your skin produces excess sebum and you have larger pores on the skin. Coconut oil treatment is not recommended for a person with oily skin.

Using coconut oil for skin moisturizing or cleansing is apt for persons with dry to normal skin type. Usually, the people with dry skin have narrow pores on the skin which does not get blocked easily.

Some people can effectively use the coconut oil treatment for managing acne, while for others it might aggravate the acne issues all the more.

In short, the comedogenic effect of the coconut oil varies according to the type of skin that an individual has. If you have normal to dry skin, you can confidently use coconut oil for skin treatments.


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What Does Coconut Oil Do For Your Skin?

Coconut oil clog pores

Coconut oil is considered to be the most useful plant-oil for skin, hair, and health.

It is effectively used even for treating acne which is basically a problem caused by oil logging in the hair follicles and skin pores.

The different types of fatty acids and Vitamins E and K present in this oil are truly beneficial to skin in many ways.

Conclusion: Coconut oil clog Pores

  • Coconut oil is loaded with several benefits for skin, hair, and health.
  • However, suing coconut oil on acne prone facial skin is much debated and disputed issue.
  • People have got mixed results from using coconut oil on the skin. Some people have found this oil to be good for clearing up the skin while others have found it causing more acne outbreaks.
  • This oil being comedogenic oil, it is not recommended for using on a very oily skin with recurring incidences of severe acne.
  • Make sure to use only the virgin coconut oil for treating your skin. If you are using coconut oil for deep pore cleansing then it is better to add a few drops of Hemp Seed Oil to it.
  • Coconut oil does not clog the pores if you can use this oil correctly. It is safe to use this oil for normal and dry skin types.



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