Does Testosterone Make you Taller


These turn into bone after puberty and increase to Does Testosterone Make You Taller in testosterone before those years could make you taller. Any testosterone variations after that won’t affect your height at all.

Despite this abundance of the sex hormone, some teenager decide to take synthetic Testosterone in an effort to increase muscle mass to a greater degree.

While Testosterone therapy is sometimes recommended by physician for teens who naturally produce a low amount of the steroid. its use among most teenagers is discouraged. One question regarding steroid use is whether it stunts growth in adolescents.

Does Testosterone Make You Taller

Does Testosterone Make You Taller :

Well, the answer is maybe for Does Testosterone Make You Taller is depending on when you take the testosterone.

  • You grow taller thru out your life till the end of puberty and once puberty is finished most people stop growing taller. The thing is puberty begins and ends at different times for different people.
  • If you are in your twenties, then you are defiantly past the point of growing and in all actuality most, long bone growth stops at around age 15 for females and around age 17 for males.
  • The time of puberty can vary from person to person however, but this is a good estimate on when puberty ends.
  • If you take testosterone during puberty, however, then you may see some results of being taller than you would have been otherwise.
  • Testosterone is not a sure fire answer to being taller. It all boils down to the frame of the body you have. Smaller framed people can only support so much weight and height.
  • While a bigger framed person can help being taller; being larger framed doesn’t guarantee that you will get taller either, though. You could just develop more mass and get thicker or stronger.

Does Testosterone Make You Taller

Some guaranteed effects of taking testosterone outside of the larger muscle mass and bone mass is more body hair growth. This is because testosterone stimulates all systems in the body and doesn’t just regulate to the sex organs.

How to get Taller :

Testosterone will also increase your sex drive, especially in men, which is why teenage boys are always interested in getting the girl.

The drive to get the girl isn’t just from sexual tension, but it is also from the desire to be the dominant person in the situation.

Testosterone increases lead to more aggression and anger. If you normally not have that much testosterone, then this can cause you to act differently.

While being more aggressive may seem that testosterone is bad for your heart the test show that in most cases that it helps the heart. The reason it is beneficial is that the blood carries testosterone and you produce more red blood cells.

If you are past twenty, then it will have no effect on your height, and if you are still in puberty, it will only have a small effect on making you taller. Genetics and body structure is the biggest factor controlling height.

However, there has been an increase in the last century of young teens suffering from low testosterone levels. There are numerous reasons touted for this, but as yet the evidence is inconclusive. If you really do feel that you suffer from low testosterone as a teen, then you should pay a visit to a doctor.

Depending on the diagnosis, if you do in fact suffer from low T then the doctor may prescribe something quite severe like testosterone replacement therapy. alternatively something not quite as dramatic, but still well at boosting testosterone levels in a more natural way.

 Does Testosterone Make You Taller

Actually testosterone supplementation during puberty is known to be capable of sealing growth plates, thus prematurely stopping your growth. The Testosterone is present in the body of teenage males to a great extent.

Here’s why: High levels of testosterone increase your sense of pride and boost yourself image—and cheating puts both in jeopardy, say researchers. With a few dollars on the line, participants just weren’t willing to take that risk.

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What is Testosterone?

  • Testosterone is a sex hormone produced naturally in the body. It is produced primarily in both the testes of the male and the ovaries of the female, but in different amounts.
  • Testosterone is often called the male hormone as it is essential in the development of the testes and prostrate.
  • At puberty, the hormone is key in producing secondary sexual attributes in males including hair growth, bone lengthening and additional muscle mass.

Features of Testosterone make you taller:

  • Testosterone has anabolic effects in the body. It helps in the development of muscle mass, which provides males with a significant amount of strength.
  • Testosterone is also important in increasing and strengthening the bones.
  • The most noticeable anabolic effect the steroid produces is linear growth, which is why many teen males seem to get taller overnight. Natural testosterone, therefore, does not stunt growth but increases it.

 1. Development

  • Males grow and sexually mature during adolescence when a normal amount of testosterone is present. This is not true with those individuals in whom there is a low production of the hormone.
  • This lack of the sex hormone can cause delayed puberty in which the body does not grow and mature at the rate of a normal teen.
  • Synthetic testosterone was developed in the 1930’s in order to increase the testosterone in deficient individuals and thereby treat the problems associated with the lack of the hormone.

2. Anabolic Steroid Use

  • Many bodybuilders have discovered that the use of synthetic testosterone helps increase their muscle mass. Unfortunately, for young males the use of these steroids can stunt their natural growth.
  • This seems surprising, since natural testosterone is known to increase growth (Does Testosterone Make You Taller).

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the problem with this additional amount of hormone in normal males is that it accelerates puberty and speeds the maturity of the skeleton.


Teens tempted to take steroids should know that their use is illegal for those who do not have a prescription. Aside from the risk of stunting your growth, synthetic testosterone also produces a wide array of other side effects. Among these are the possibly of increased aggression, irritability, headaches, skin problems and shrinkage of the testicles.

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