How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup


how to look beautiful without makeup is the most important thing about woman. how to look beautiful, one beautiful is something within every person’s grasp. how to look beautiful: Eat Healthy, consume healthy liquids.

Follow these 10 amazing tips to look beautiful naturally everyday without makeup.

Drink Water



Absolutely, the first and most important trick is to drink plenty of water each day, no subject what the season, since this glass of water will be way more valuable to you than any makeup product you may choose to invest in.


Love your moisturiser, ladies. The more you keep skin moisturised and nourished, the more you can stop the arrival of wrinkles and dry saggy skin.

Make sure you moisturise your face and neck region, as well as your hands and feet, as these are that show the first signs of aging.

Use a Face Wash


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Use a face wash daily to remove all dirt and pollution from your face and any traces of leftover makeup products as well.

Washing your face daily, rather once in the morning and once before going to bed, will help open up your pores and give your skin that fresh emotion.

Use a Toner

Using a toner should be an necessary part of your daily skin care treatment. While most of us go for the cleaning and moisturising routine, we almost always end up being too lazy or forgetful about the toner and that’s where the problem lies.

A toner will help tighten your skin and your pores and also remove any traces of oil or grease.

Shampooing Your Hair




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Using a shampoo every alternate day or once in about 3 days will make sure that your hair looks fresh and clean.

Oily hair will automatically give you an overall dirty and unkempt look, while recently cleaned hair makes a huge difference.

Applying Sunscreen

While we all know the benefits of using a sunscreen daily, most of us do give it a miss, particularly if we’re in a hurry and there’s not too much sun out there.

This definitely is a skin care and beauty disaster, as the ever present damaging rays of the sun will continue causing damage to your skin.

If you want to keep your skin looking naturally beautiful and healthy, you have to use the sunscreen daily; there’s just no other option.

Hot water with Lemon

We all love that first cup in the morning, right? Now try switching that cup of tea or coffee with a hot/warm cup of water and a slice of lemon.

Having this first thing in the morning will flush out toxins from your body and will reduce probability of any skin sensitivities. This will also help keep your body stay hydrated and add that bit of glow to your skin.


Regularly exfoliating your skin will make sure removal of dry and dead skin cells to reveal a clean and glowing skin.

Exercise is the First Thing To Do Everyday Morning

Moving is an excellent way to pump blood to your skin. Raising your heartbeat drives blood to the skin surface which in turn enhances skin cells, something that you know very well.

Believe you Are Beautiful

It all starts in the mind. Believing you are beautiful is a sense of self respect that can actually boost your health as well as beauty.

And here are a few further tips on how to look good without makeup that will make sure you look well groomed and beautiful.

If a girl considers herself beautiful and is able to believe herself totally and unconditionally, then the whole will feel the same about her.

But if you don’t feel comfortable and convinced about yourself with no makeup on, try to adapt the new ‘natural ‘image regularly.

For example, while on holiday, give your face a “vacation” as well, by using a minimal amount of cosmetics; use only mascara and a touch of lip-gloss.

Other tips to look Beautiful without makeup

Frequently get yourself a hair trim to ensure your hair doesn’t have split or dry ends.

Don’t pick at pimples, spots or any other skin eruptions that you may have on your skin as touching them will only leave back sports and scars.

Do not rub your eyes excessively as the same can lead to infections and redness.

Stop chewing on your nails. Keep them well trimmed. If you want them long, make sure they are well maintained. If you polish your nails, make sure there’s no chipped nail paint.

Avoid drinking excess coffee or tea.

Sleep well – at least 6 – 8 hours of continuous sleep will work wonder for your skin.

Do not pluck your eyebrows extremely, instead opt for tweezers and remove those unwanted hairs.

Brush twice a day, not more. Brushing after each meal will rob your teeth of necessary enamel. Instead, brush once in the morning and once at right before bed.

Maintain a good posture.

Eliminate blackheads, either by scrubbing at home or visiting a beautician.

Bunk the junk food and eat healthy

Include fresh fruits, vegetables and milk or milk products in your daily diet.

Go easy on the alcohol – it will help reduce any distension or belly fat.

Go for well fixed clothes and avoid a following fashion trend that does not suit you. recognise your own style and get comfortable in your own skin.

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