How to Reduce Thighs And Hips Fast


Here we are describing about How to Reduce Thighs And Hips Fast. Losing weight from thighs and hips and get in to shape.

very simple and easy, it takes hard work of ages and steel determination and when you lose weight and reduce thighs and hips. you need to add lots of activities that can actually help you get in proper shape and it will actually help you stay healthy and perfect too.

Normally we pay attention on each and every body part and today we are going to work on legs and thighs. How to Reduce Thighs And Hips Fast is a common question especially for women.

Legs and thighs are the longest muscles in the body and it takes really a very hard work and determination to get perfect.

So try to do whole leg work out three times a week and if you don’t have too much fats on your upper extremities and you just have to work on your lower body parts then you can do that 4 times a week too and in remaining days stick with cardio and fat burning stretching cause you lose legs when you start losing your over all fat.

How to Reduce Thighs And Hips Fast

1# Dumbbell Squats

How to reduce thighs and hips fast

If you are a woman then keep light weights, I would say that buy a pink dumbbell set and you will get 5 sets of weights from 3-9 KGs and you can use 9 for running and you can use 3 or 5 for exercise, now you need to hold dumbbell of 3 KGs in each hand and stand up in smooth and balanced way with dumbbells in your hands and your feet & hip-width apart.

you can keep your dumbbells at your sides or your shoulder level and then twist your knees, and get lower position into a squat by keeping the knees in the strait line  of your toes and then go lower to the flour and then go back on standing position with force down into the heels for standing up to come back in the starting position and keep doing that for 16 reps in 2-3 sets.

2# Dumbbell Lunges


Now that is the step two of this workout and you need to finish your Dumbbell Squats and keep your weights in your hands and now start your lunges, now you need to stand in a smooth way with your weights in your hands and step your right foot forward and left foot backward about 3 feet apart and go down as low as possible, but don’t touch the ground, if you have weight plates and you have long space then start walking that way with deep and long lunges and do 3 sets of 16 reps.

3# Step Ups


Step ups are one of the most effective way to reduce thighs and hips and for that you just need a steeper, I always say use one 2-3 feet high steppers and do sit-ups with it, you need to out your steppers on your frond and start steeping your right feet and then left feet over it very fast and very smoothly, don’t rush or don’t get just, do it for one minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes and then do for 3 minutes and wait for 2 minute and then do for 4 minutes.

Hip lift on the ball is very good to get best looking hips ever; you just need to take your gym ball and lie on the ball with the support of neck, head and shoulders, and now bent your knees and lifted toes and keep your back on the ball and then start moving forward till your ball sets under your shoulder and then hold some sort of weight in your hands and compress the gluts to lift hips until your body comes in a straight line and hold the position for a 2-3 minutes and then come back.

How to Reduce Thighs And Hips Fast

4# Walking, walk, walk

Yes walk 45 minutes a day and walk as faster as you can and as intense as possible and if you want more results then you can walk twice a day, in the morning, before starting the day and before going to bed.

Swimming for 30-45 minutes everyday.

Biking and Kick boxing is a very interesting and fun way to reduce fats and also reduce thighs and hips and get in to shape.

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