How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Humid Weather?


How to Take Care of Your Skin in Humid Weather? The best tips for taking good care of your skin have been talked about in the below. Humid Weather leads to a whole lot of sweating, especially around the armpits and the neck region. We are also describing a list of foods to eat during Humid Weather. Humid weather takes a heavy toll on our skin and gives rise to all kinds of skin problems. So it’s very important to follow a strict skin care routine on a daily basis.

Skin care in humid weather is pretty good, especially for people with dry or combination skin types. All Weathers require you to take care of your skin. Skin care in humid weather is most complicated. Humidity just makes the skin sticky. This is especially true for oily skin; it is possible by the skin care in humid weather.

Use skincare products that contain chamomile, aloe Vera, cucumber and lavender as they are peaceful for skin and help to heal skin in the most natural way.

Use a chilled eye gel before bedtime to reduce any distension or irritation in the eye area. This will also help you to wake up with bright, fresh eyes.

Always remove makeup before going to sleep at night. This will help your skin to exhale as well as repair and refill.

 How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Humid Weather?

Wash your face:

  • The primary trick to keep your skin beautiful and soft this summer is by refinement your face three times a day. Use a product that groups your skin.
  • Also, remember to wash your face with cold water before you continue with the face wash. This is because shortest contact with heated skin isn’t measured very healthy.
  • What cleansers do is that they remove blocked impurities, balance excess oil and sweat, and protect your skin from breakout or acne. A good face massage while purification leaves the skin fresh and beautiful.

Use Deodorant:

  • Humid Weather leads to a whole lot of sweating, particularly around the armpits and the neck region. However, you can always avoid this by using a fresh smelling deodorant. Not only will you prevent bad odor, but also stay fresh and clean at all times.
  • Working professional and college going students should certainly get hold deodorant right away. It will definitely take better care of your skin this summer.

Weekly facials

  • Your skin tends to get bronzed very easily during this time. Not just that, it tends to collect more dirt, oil, and pollution. You can, however, take care of this problem by getting weekly facial done.
  • No, you don’t have to hit the parlor! Just follow this amazing facial routine at home and you’ll definitely feel a difference in your skin.
  • Wash your face first, Splash some cold water a couple of times. Use a face if you like.


  • A good scrub is incredible you should purchase online. If you don’t have one at home right now, that’s okay! Use lemon instead. Cut one into two halves and scrub all over your face for about two minutes. Let it sink in for another minutes, after which you can splash some cold water.
  • Another substitute is sour curd. The procedure for this is slightly different, however. Scoop out a spoon of curd and apply all over your face like you do with facial creams.
  • Let it stay for a minute or so. When you start to get that dry feeling, rub it off using your fingers. This is where you are factually scrubbing off the dirt.

Face massage:

  • You don’t have to purchase something fancy from the cosmetics store for this. Expensive products aren’t the only way to good looks. Try some face oil instead, like olive or coconut oil.
  • To massage like a pro, start off with your cheeks first. Massage in a clockwise motion. After minutes or so, move towards your eyes and continue in the same direction. Massage your forehead and the frown line next. Repeat this twice to maximize the results.

Face pack:

  • Lastly, it’s time to use a face pack, See what suits your skin best while option one. If you have dry skin, go for a banana and honey face pack.
  • If it’s oily, try some orange peel and yogurt. If you are looking for a lighter skin tone, use fullers earth with rose water.
  • Moisturizer:
  • Your skin care for humid weather doesn’t finish until you moisturize your skin. Make sure your hands are clean before you start applying.
  • Spread the cream equally all over your face and neck. Massage gently. Your facial is now done.

Prevent Acne:

  • It is very significant to know how to prevent acne, pimples and breakouts during summers. The condition tends to get worse when humidity increases.
  • The best way you can prevent this is to simply avoid touching your skin with your fingers. Whenever you want to wipe your face, use wet wipes instead.
  • You should also wash your face with lukewarm water at times, since it tends to open up the pores. Also, know the oily sections of your skin and abstain from using a moisturizer in those areas. That will absolutely prevent breakouts during hot and humid weather.

Food to eat during humid weather/summer

Black Plum

Plums are delicious, healthy and super hydrating. They contain Vitamin C and are also known for boosting the absorption of iron in the body.


Litchis are not just used for making delicious teas, ice creams, and other cold drinks. They also recover immunity, boost digestion and contain anti-fungal properties as well.


There is no better way to beat the heat and humidity during summer than having some cold mangoes brought out straight from the fridge. They fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, and remove pimples as well.


Watermelons are not only sweet but also hydrating. They are very low in calories, full of antioxidants and serve you with several nitrifying properties.


Cucumber is brilliant for those who love to go on a detox diet once in a while. It comes with healthy benefits that will relax your body, mind, and spirit. It opens the pores of your skin and also banishes thigh cellulite.

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