How To Use Hair Toner


How to Use Hair Toner at home is described here. Homemade toner is very useful for hair toner which is easy to manage Brassy Hair. Homemade toner is meant for fixing yellowish hair. And also Homemade toner solution has its own advantages.

Homemade Hair Toner To Manage Brassy Hair:

This is ideal for those who are pale or have opted for a flaxen hair dye in recent times. Getting the right and surprising blonde shade for hair is tougher than what most people visualize.

It often gets too grating or openly yellow. So To tone down the excess, applying a hair toner is a must which is the best at home toner for brassy hair.

You will need:

  • Hair conditioner from a good brand
  • Blue food coloring
  • Purple food coloring
  • Water

How to prepare The Hair Toner:

At first, take some water in a glass and mix purple food color and then use a spoon for stirring.

Now, add a small amount of blue food coloring and then add to the water.

This will finally turn the water dark blue.

Then, take a large amount of hair conditioner in a bowl. And Mix the dark blue water into it and stir it carefully. So now, The mixture will become light violet in color.

 Why opt for Homemade Hair Toner Solutions?

While you can always rush to the nearby salon or beauty parlor to get hair toning done, opting for a homemade hair toner solution has its own advantages.

They are after getting your hair dyed from a top salon; so you may not want to bleed your wallet further for getting the toning job.

When to apply hair Toner

A lot of people opt for hair toners at home or parlors when the hair color begins to fade, or when the highlights look fades after a few washes.

These hair colors contain very small amounts of peroxide, and hence, the chance of hair color fading is quite low.

Toning vinegar Rinse

This is a variation of homemade hair toner that uses vinegar instead of a conditioner. So you can use purple food coloring or blue coloring with it. There are some people who put in a few drops of red color too.

First, you need to apply conditioner on hair and then rinse it well with water.

Then, pour the vinegar and color mix on hair.

As you massage slowly so that it gets distributed on the hair evenly. It may be a careful thing to apply this on a patch of hair first, and then try on the entire hair.

Do not worry about the aroma of vinegar lingering. This smell finally vanishes after you rinse the hair with clean water and dry the hair.

Homemade yellow Hair Toner

This homemade hair toner is meant for fixing yellowish hair, generally obtained after a hair dye. This happens when the bleach lightens hair color and the natural pigments show itself.

While a number of people use food coloring agents to take on bleached hair, there is a natural alternative to this toning approach. It is ideal if you are uncomfortable using chemicals on your colored hair.

You will need

  • Hollyhock herbs
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Water

How To Prepare The Toner:

At first, you need to boil some water and then add vinegar and hollyhock to it.

Now, cover the pot and let the concoction simmer for a few minutes.

Allow it to get thicker in consistency. This can be kept aside for 30 minutes or so.

Then, shampoo the hair and pour the cooled vinegar and rinse slowly.

Smoothly massage it on the scalp with fingers. Let the vinegar solution remain on hair for some time. Then rinse it off with clean water and dry it.

Choosing the right Hair Toner

Just like it is important to choose a suitable color for your hair, it is equally imperative that you know which toner would do justice to your hair color.

Toners can be made or bought to suit various types of hair colors. A majority of people pick from beige, purple, green or reddish toners for their hair.

You need to remember that hair toners are used to neutralize complementary colors on hair- they are not meant to colorize hair as such! A toner actually counteracts pigmentation.

For instance, using reddish hair toner will be helpful to neutralize green tinges that appear after bleaching.

The opposite is also true. A basic concept of color wheel is what you need for picking the aptest hue for a hair toner.

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