How To Use Shikakai For Hair Growth


Shikakai , also known as hair fruit, grows mostly in central india. Shikakai is that even today it is used as a powder. Use Shikakai at home to make your hair long, smooth and beautiful. Shikakai is particularly useful on dry scalps. Shikakai is a great solution to dandruff worries. Before applying hair dye, hair should be washed with Shikakai.

What is Shikakai?

Shikakai , also known as hair fruit, grows mostly in central india. It has been used for centuries, for maintaining the health of both scalp and hair.

It is high in vitamins A, C, K and D, along with other antioxidants that are important for hair growth. It contains micronutrients that boost hair growth and help you retain its beauty!

The good news about Shikakai is that even today it is used as a powder, and can be found at your nearest cosmetic and beauty store! Pick up a bottle soon in order to reap the benefits of shikakai for hair!

How shikakai can Be Used for Hair

A lot of people, typically those living in villages, use shikakai in a dry powdered form.

You can find shikakai based shampoo in the market. You may also add dry shikakai powder to your existing shampoo for obtaining the benefits.

You can also find shikakai based soaps for cleansing your hair.

Some people mix shikakai powder with herbs like reetha and henna for making nourishing hair packs.

How to Use shikakai As A shampoo

If you are going to use shikakai in the form of s shampoo, take a bit of the past and massage all over the scalp gently.

Now, scrub for two minutes. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Even though it is not a soap, shikakai does foam up.

Your hair will definitely not feel the same after you wash off the shampoo. However, you should remember to use a good quality conditioner before washing the shampoo off. Within a few days, you will begin to see the results. Your hair will be soft, shiny and moisturized.

Shikakai For Hair Growth

Use Shikakai at home to make your hair long, smooth and beautiful.


One tablespoon of Shikakai powder.

Half a cup of basil oil. Avocado oil or coconut oil can also be used as an alternative.

Steps to follow

Take the powder and oil and mix it well. Now place this in a container.

Shake well.

Now keep the container in a place that is dark and cool.

Let the mixture rest for a few weeks. Keep shaking so that it doesn’t settle.

You can use this oil thrice a week.  Shampoo two hours after application.

Shikakai Hair Pack

Shikakai can also be used as an amazing hair pack. Most people like to use a mixture of Shikakai and Yogurt for the hair.

Massage all over your tresses and let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water to see great results within a week’s time.

Top Shikakai Soaps you can Use

Many people still opt for bar soaps, which are not recommended for the hair as they leave the scalp dry and lead to conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis.

Shikakai, on the other hand, has low pH levels and its mild nature suits even those people who have a sensitive scalp. It does not make the scalp dry.

If you do not have much time to use Shikakai to make hair packs or masks, try the readymade Shikakai soaps. A few top FMCG brands in india now sell Shikakai soaps that can be ideal for your needs.

Some of those are:

Neev Amla Reetha Shikakai Hair Wash Soap

This hair wash soap contains a lot of herbal ingredients other than Shikakai. There are extracts of neem and amla along with essential oils in it. It is sold in a 100 grams pack.

Swastik Shikakai Natural Hair Soap

This herbal soap contains powerful herbs like Bhringaraj and Brahmi along with Shikakai. It helps gently nourish your hair and makes it glow with health.

Godrej shikakai 3 in 1 soap

Godrej is a brand that makes a variety of soaps for consumers of varying profiles. Its Shikakai soap also contains herbs like Amla and Bhringraj.

These herbs boost scalp and hair health with regular usage. It is quite affordable and is available in a 75 grams pack.

Wipro Shikakai Soap

Wipro is another big name in the FMCG sector. Its Shikakai soap is really wallet friendly. However, it is not as widely available like other brands, not even online.

Know about Shikakai

It contains low levels of pH, which helps your hair restore its moisture and prevents stripping off of essential oils.

It removes dandruff permanently. Not just that, it makes your grow longer, thicker, and stronger.

Keeps your hair shiny and moisturizes it.

Hair lice and infections can be fought using this.

Benefits of Shikakai

Mild Action

Used with a little herbal oil, Shikakai is particularly useful on dry scalps. It acts as an excellent natural cleanser, and your scalp does not get exposed to chemicals. It also reduces flakiness and repairs coarse hair as it does not strip your hair of essential oils, thereby leaving it feeling smooth and soft at the end of every use!

Fights Dandruff

Shikakai is a great solution to dandruff worries, with its antibacterial and nutritional properties. It can be used to treat your scalp, and get rid of your pesku dandruff woes without any side effects.

Prevents Gray Hair

Aging can be a rather depressing process. Wrinkles, sports, and gray hair appear all to quickly, leaving you looking tired and worn.

Retain your youthful charms with naturally thick black hair, by including Shikakai in your regular hair care routin.

Using a hair pack made of Shikakai, soap nut and other herbal ingredients like amla can slow down and prevent the process of hair graying, letting your locks keep you looking fresh and young.

Thickens Hair And Reduces Hair Loss

Hair loss can lead to stress, which only leads to more hair loss. Break the cycle! Using Shikakai for hair loss can significantly help you regain your hair’s lustrous thickness and length. Packed with hair loss can significantly help you regain your hair’s lustrous thickness and length.

Strengthens Hair

Coarse and dry hair can make you feel conscious and uncomfortable about letting your hair down. But tying your hair up and keeping it out of the way just compounds your hair woes by breaking and splitting more.

Shikakai is known to soften and smoothen your hair naturally, by releasing essential oils and vitamins that are key to hair growth.

It promotes hair growth and keeps your hair looking soft and shiny so that you can let your hair down now, anytime.

Get Rid Of Hair Lice

Hair lice can be embarrassing and pressing problems. Not only do they cause uncontrollable itchiness and scalp discomfort, but they can also cause awkwardness.

Because of how rapidly hair lice can spread from person to person, they can quickly turn into a lingering problem with seemingly no solution.

Heals minor wounds

Owing to its medicinal properties,  Shikakai can also come in handy in the case of minor cuts and bruises on your scalp.

Shampoos and other lotions can cause smarting pains on the sensitive skin of your scalp, but ground roasted Shikakai paste can offer much relief in such cases!

Cooling Hair pack

Shikakai is a key ingredients in making soothing hair packs. Usually composed of Shikakai, amla, yogurt and soap nut, these cooling packs can be of sound relief especially during hot weather a negging headache, or simply for a relaxing experience on a lazy day.

Expert De- Tangler

Shikakai is also great for getting rid of frustrating tangles. Simply run your finger through your locks while rinsing out the Shikakai pasts, and feel the difference for yourself.

All – Natural ingredients

Using Shikakai  can prove to be inexpensive and healthier alternative to using harsh chemical shampoos and conditioners.

It nourishes the scalp with nutrients Shikakai  instead, made from fruit pods, this entirely herbal concoction has mild chemical properties with a low ph value.

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  1. Shikakai can clean your hair. After 2 or 3 wash it cleans hair. I also did not believe it at first because it does not foam like other shampoos and the feeling does not comes that it is doing its cleansing job. Use Shikakai For Hair Growth is very easy. But yeah this homemade shampoo is incredible! You can use it everyday as it is natural.


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