Makeup Tips For Big Eyes


If we have big eyes, we are looking for ways to make it look brighter, and more awake. Women with big eyes are very fortunate, as big eyes are one of the most powerful weapons in seduction. It’s pretty easy to apply makeup to big eyes. Big eyes are some of the best eyes in the world, but finding the right makeup tips for big eyes isn’t easy. Here we are describing some tips for how to apply makeup for big eyes.

Smokey eyes:

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You might be on a everyday of applying black eyeliner and eyeshadow, but it’s high time you try incredible new.

See, that’s the point with big eyes, you don’t really have to worry have to worry about incorporating new shades or techniques.

Start construction the drama in your eyelids by applying shades like greys or deep old favourite tones which suits the shape the best, to the top of your lid and back into the empty of the eye.

Once done, take a blotch brush and blend the colours outwards from your lashline to create a soft fade.

You can also opt for shimmery eye shadows, which look wonderful on big eyes and immediately gives you a exciting look.

Dark Eye Shadow:


A basic rule in eye makeup. The darker the eye shadow, the better. And that is because the dark colour recedes space and size.

While pale, light colours stress and sharpen your facial features. So avoid pale and nude colours and opt for darker shades to give a shadow effect to your eyes. Brush up corresponding darker colours into your eyelids to curve and dramatise your eyes.

Dark eye makeup looks great when you use darkest of shades for rim lining. Lining should be moderately thick to medium for the upper lash line.

A thin line will make the look more natural whereas, thick lining will make your eyes look more ravishing. Also, if you want your protruding eyes to stand out, ensure to highlight your lower eyelashes as well.

False Lashes:


How to get bigger eyes: Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

A strip of natural false lashes will bring your eyes out easily, so you can experiment and have fun if you want to go dramatic with your big eyes. However – here comes our favourite part – before applying your fake lashes remember to curl both your lashes and fake ones.

An eyelash curler is the most necessary makeup tool for a woman, particularly if you want to enlarge your eyes. This will help your lash separate and in return will add that perfect fold to the ends that will give a fuller effect.

Once a done curling your falsies, stick them on your eyes and apply what we call our saving grace for makeup, a good mascara.

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