NYX Pore Filler Review


NYX Pore Filler Review Reduce the Appearance of your Pores with our pore filler. NYX Pore Filler is the Perfect pre foundation basecoat. NYX Pore Filler is including Vitamin E-to smooth and enhance your skin. NYX Pore Filler Review is a New Silicon based Primer from the Brand that offers the ability to fill pores and gives the appearance of smoother skin. NYX Pore Filler Review the Mattifying formula is the ideal pick to keep oily skin at bay. NYX Pore Filler Review Reduce the look of your pores with our pre filler. NYX Pore Filler Review is a silicon based Primer, which won’t Suite everyone.

First off, I hate silicone primers. Eep! They make me so itchy. Plus they do no favors for my drier skin. Lucky enough NYX Pore Filler Review is a comfortable experience all around so if you have the same issues in regard to that itchy, mask-like feel from a silicone primer and have been wanting a more lightweight primer that fills pores and blurs minor issues this might be a perfect pick.

Sadly, NYX Pore Filler Review is bad, bad things to my dry skin as it pills and accentuates flaky areas in a major way so I do suggest hauling this out during the Summer months for the best results if you have drier skin. If you’re oily, you can take advantage all year round as this offers mattifying abilities as well as creates a smooth surface for makeup to adhere to.

Everybody Like NYX Product as they Offer Quality at great Prices. They Often Compare Very Well With higher priced products, so I’m always willing to give this brand a try. I was torn between two of their primers, one called Shine Killer which promised to get rid of my shiny skin and the Pore Killer which, guess what, promised to reduce my pores. I would actually have liked both qualities, but I decided to go for the Pore Killer to see what it was like.

NYX Pore Filler Review comes in a small white box and for$16 CND you get 0.67 fl oz, or 20 ml. In the box you are matching tube of primer which promises to “minimize the look of pores to create a smooth, Porcelain doll like finish to my face”.

NYX Pore Filler Review

Overlooking the fact that it makes my flaky areas very prominent, I will say NYX Pore Filler Review gives me face a doll-like quality that’s incredible. I don’t have larger pores but the ones around my nose are on the visible side and this smooths over that area beautifully. It creates such a smooth, even look to my skin that can only be described as perfection.

NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler, 0.67 Ounce
bestbuynow About the product

  • Reduce the appearance of your pores with our Pore Filler
  • talc-free, oil-free formulation includes Vitamin E to smooth and enhance your skin.

The lighter texture has a velvet-y feel and a powdery dry down that remains lightweight and will mattify skin if you’re on the oily side. The primer acts as a very solid base between your skin and your foundation resulting in extended wear time. You’ll notice foundation wears longer and won’t oxidize as quickly with this in place. The flesh colored formula reminds me of Too Faced Primed & Poreless which evens out skin tone ever so subtly.

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NYX Pore Filler Review is a good alternative to some much higher priced primers, NYX Pore Filler is better for combination to oily skins due to it being silicon based. It does reduce the look of pores; it does keep oiliness at bay.

So all around A NYX Pore Filler Review is a Good Choice. I wouldn’t recommend NYX Pore Filler for Dry Skin but if you’re oily with larger pores this is a very good pick. The quality is even better than that of fan favorites like Smashbox Photofinish. NYX Pore Filler Review is very good product Overall the Other Product.


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