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Banana peel uses For Psoriasis

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banana peel can be used in nseveral ways to get rid of the skin disease. We are describe three different ways of know how you can use banana peel for psoriasis. banana peel uses for psoriasis. banana peel help you to relieve yourself from psoriasis. banana peel work well to treat psoriasis.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin infection that can affect any part of the body – your back, your neck, your legs or even your mouth. When psoriasis strikes, the skin turns red with scaly patches and the artificial area itches.

This non-contagious infection is often seen in the age group of 15 to 30. While there are several ways to treat psoriasis, in this post we converse the way to use a banana peel to get rid of the skin disease.

Since time immemorial, several civilizations have recognized the benefits of using a banana peel to cure the skin of its various diseases. Here is all you need to know about banana peel and psoriasis.

Why Banana Peel?

In general, banana peel has minerals and antioxidants that protect the skin from external damages such as the sun’s heat and keep it supple.

To be specific, banana peel consists of esterifies fatty acids which have the cure for eczema and psoriasis.

How to use banana peel for psoriasis treatment

Banana peel can be used in several ways to get rid of the skin disease. Below, we look at three different ways of how you can use banana peels for psoriasis.

Banana and coal tar paste

Here is an motivating paste that you may apply topically to relieve yourself from the disease. To make the paste, begin with attractive several peels of bananas.

Cut them into small pieces. Grind them into a blender for a few minutes. Now, add coal tar to this peel paste.

Coal tar occurs from natural coal. Not just for psoriasis, but coal tar is used to cure several other skin conditions.

Your medicinal paste is ready, Apply it on the affected area. Rub gently and leave it undisturbed for close to 30 minutes.

Another bit of information to reinforce your trust in our treatment suggestion is that Journal of Dermatological Treatment published a study that states that coal tar and banana peel work well to treat psoriasis.

Only banana peel

Take small pieces of banana peel and rub the back of the peels on the affected area. Keep rubbing until the peel turns brown.

Leave the paste to dry for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also leave the paste overnight. As the paste dries, the skin absorbs the nutrients and vitamins present in the fruit peels.

After 30 minutes or the next morning, wash off the skin with lukewarm water. Repeat the process for about three times a day.

Eat the peel

If you are the non – fussy type, this method of using the peel is exactly what you want. It is the simplest way. All you need to do is take the peel and eat it every day.

You can eat the peel along with the fruit or only eat the skin. How you eat is up to you. But remember, banana fruit also has a high content of nutrition.

We hope the methods to use a banana peel help you to relieve yourself from psoriasis. In case you have other ideas of how to use banana peel for psoriasis.