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Individuals don’t get much vitamin D sources from their diet. Your body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to UV beams from the sun. It just takes a couple of minutes of sun introduction consistently to get your vitamin D.

Be that as it may, in the event that you live in a spot where it gets colder in the winter, there’s a good possibility you won’t get enough sun introduction for a while out of every year.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is fundamental for appropriate retention of calcium in your digestive tract. It likewise keeps up blood dimensions of calcium and phosphate. That is the reason getting enough vitamin D is essential for bone wellbeing for a mind-blowing duration—vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in kids and osteoporosis in adults.

Most specialists recommend a daily admission of 600 International Units (IUs) for anybody between the ages of 1 and 70. Babies should be around 400 IUs and individuals older than 70 should get around 800 IUs. You won’t find numerous foods that are high in vitamin D, yet there are a few. We’ll demonstrate to you a not many that you can add to your diet when there’s basically insufficient sun outside.

Maitake mushrooms:

Maitake mushrooms, or “hen in the woods” mushrooms, are a delicious and low-calorie wellspring of vitamin D. They likewise offer potassium and a few B-complex vitamins. One measure of diced Maitake mushrooms has more than 700 IUs of vitamin D. These mushrooms are the best vitamin D sources.

vitamin d foods for vegetarians

Additionally, Maitake mushrooms may have medical advantages beyond being just nutritious and delicious. There’s potential that they can bring down blood weight just as your diabetes hazard.

UV-Exposed Portabella Mushrooms:

Normal portabella mushrooms are one of the best vitamin D sources, yet portabellas developed with additional introduction to bright (UV) light have significantly more. One entire UV-exposed portabella mushroom has around 375 IUs of vitamin D. Portabellas are additionally a magnificent wellspring of selenium, potassium, and a few B-complex vitamins.

vitamin d foods for vegetarians

According to the Mushroom Council, producers can give this UV introduction lift to a couple of the most well-known mushrooms. Next time you’re shopping, look cautiously to check whether any names make an uncommon point about vitamin D or UV light.

Chanterelle Mushrooms:

vitamin d sources

Chanterelle mushrooms are another very good plant-based vitamin D sources. Just 1 cup of chanterelles mushrooms has more than 100 IUs of vitamin D. These mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium and low in calories. Just the 1 cup of these mushrooms has just 20 calories.


Fish oils contain vitamin D so it bodes well that greasy fish like salmon are good to vitamin D sources. Three ounces of new pink salmon have 370 IUs and three ounces of canned sockeye salmon has just about 800 IUs of vitamin D.

vitamin d

Salmon is likewise a great wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats, protein, and an antioxidant called astaxanthin. And don’t let the idea that salmon is a “greasy fish” drive you away—a six-ounce bit of salmon has just around 200 calories.

Sound Salmon Recipes:

  • Baked Salmon With Herbs
  • Crusted Pesto Salmon
  • Salmon Salad
  • Spinach and Pesto Salmon

Halibut Mushrooms :

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Halibut is also the good source of protein, B-complex vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Eating halibut will also provide you with essential omega-3 fatty acids, so there are many good reasons to cook this fish.


Maitake mushrooms

Trout is another good vitamin D source. Since it is a white fish, it has a milder flavour than oilier fish just like salmon and tuna. Just 3-ounces of rainbow trout has about 650 IUs of vitamin D. Trout are also an excellent source of protein, B-complex vitamins and minerals.

Canned Tuna:

Canned Tuna has about 40 IUs of vitamin D. Just 3-ounces of canned tuna serving each have about 80 IUs. Canned tuna is also good source of omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc. This food is very convenient. Just keep canned tuna in hand for sandwiches, salads and your favorite recipes for a healthy boost.

Some of the healthy canned tuna recipes:

  • Tuna walnut salad.
  • Tuna wrap.

Fortified Breakfast Cereal:

Milk Alternatives

Breakfast oat can be good for you if it’s made with whole grains and is low in added sugar. It’s a regular practice to sustain breakfast cereals with vitamins and minerals so you’ll ordinarily find around 100 IUs of vitamin D in one measure of dry oat. Whole grain cereals are likewise a good wellspring of numerous vitamins and minerals, in addition to fibre.


Milk is not naturally source vitamin D source, but it is required to be fortified with vitamin D.  Just 1 cup of milk has about 125 IUs of vitamin D.

Milk is also the good source of calcium, potassium and protein.

Fortified Milk Alternatives:

Milk alternatives, for example, soy milk and almond milk are likewise fortified with vitamin D and calcium. Look over plain unsweetened milk or investigate flavoured assortments like chocolate almond milk, which is as delicious as it sounds.

Portabella Mushrooms

These alternatives can frequently be used instead of cow’s milk. Simply ensure you pick a flavour that fits the supper.


Vitamin D is found in the egg yolks, making whole eggs a good method to add some vitamin D to your diet. Each egg yolk has around 40 IUs of vitamin D so eating two eggs contributes 80 IUs to your daily admission. Eggs are likewise a magnificent wellspring of protein and lutein. One egg has around 70 calories.

Healthy Egg Recipe:

Eggs Florentine

Dietary Supplements:

Vitamin D is additionally accessible as a dietary enhancement, either alone or combined with different supplements. Calcium supplements, for instance, regularly include vitamin D.

Whole grain cereals

Vitamin D supplements are commonly protected, yet pursue mark directions and ward off them from youthful kids. Vitamin D in expansive sums can wind up poisonous after some time. Additionally, it’s ideal to talk with your medicinal services provider before taking vitamin D supplements on the off chance that you have any wellbeing conditions or take medications.

Despite the fact that vitamin D isn’t found in a great deal of foods, you can see that there are some delicious choices accessible. Remember these, particularly on those dreary winter days, yet make certain to exploit a definitive wellspring of vitamin D. Standing outside in the sun for even a couple of minutes can do wonders for your wellbeing.

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