Wooden Comb For Beard


Before we know the reason behind this, lets first get to know more about Wooden comb for beard.

Wood soaks up the normal oils all over and wooden comb for beard just as the whiskers oil and ointment, redistributing it from root to tip. All while molding the brush too, which secures the wood while giving it a pleasant shading.

What is a Wide Tooth Comb?

A wide tooth comb explicitly refers to the huge dividing between the teeth of a comb. A few people botch the term for the teeth of the comb specifically being wide, however, that is not the case although numerous wide tooth combs do have teeth that are greater in size also.

Why Wooden comb for beard ?

Despite the fact that Wooden comb for beard is particularly good for individuals with long hair, they likewise have benefits for individuals with short hair too as should be obvious beneath!

Here are 5 reasons why you should begin utilizing a Wooden comb for beard in your hair care routine:

1. A whole lot Easier to Detangle

This is particularly for the people with long hair – dependably utilize a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

Try not to utilize a typical comb as you’ll wind up sobbing tears of dissatisfaction and wish you could remove your hair!

I’m totally serious When I had long hair, I once utilized a typical medium toothbrush to detangle in the wake of evaporating my hair and finished with a little bunch of tangles.

2. Less Hair Fall during De-tangling and Combing:

For some individuals, a bundle of hair gathers in the brush in the wake of detangling in view of more friction and effort used to separate tangles when utilizing an ordinary brush.

A wide tooth comb helps to detangle the hair all the more viable without causing a great deal of hair fall.

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of a ton of hair fall during detangling, follow this basic procedure to make your life much simpler:

  • Divide your hair into two sections.
  • Then run your fingers gently through one section of your hair until you feel no tangles.
  • Repeat the above step with the other section of your hair.
  • Next, use wide tooth comb to comb your hair.
  • Now, you should be silky, smooth and tangle-free.
  • And now you can use your normal comb to style your hair as usual.

Note: Applying a spot of hair cream/oil on your hair before detangling is particularly valuable for those of you who experience considerable difficulties detangling.

3. Prevents Hair Breakages:

On account of the wide spaces between the teeth, it’s less demanding to detangle subsequently there is no hair breakage.

When you utilize a wooden wide tooth comb, there is less grinding contrasted with a medium/fine tooth comb which makes it delicate on the hair strands, avoiding breakage and split finishes.

4. Reduces Frayed and Split Ends:

Particularly on the off chance that you have wavy/wavy hair, brushing with a wide-tooth comb prevents/decrease frayed finishes.

In the event that you experience the ill effects of a lot of split closures, perhaps it’s time you began utilizing a wide tooth comb rather, at any rate with regards to detangling.

5. Gentle on the Scalp:

The wooden wide tooth comb feels great on your scalp if you have ever used it before.

When I comb my hair using my wide tooth comb, it always felt so soothed and massaged rather than being scratched painfully which happens when using a normal comb.

A wide tooth comb can be used to massage your scalp, improve the circulation and relax a tired scalp. For the people who regularly suffer from scalp irritation and pimples, a wooden wide tooth comb is the best one.

Can I Use Wooden comb for beard for Wet Hair?

Many professionals suggest to use a wide tooth comb for detangling wet hair but I would not recommend doing so because the wet hair is so fragile that

Even a wooden wide tooth comb can cause hair breakage and damage over the period. Make sure your hair is somewhat dry even when you are in a hurry using a hair dryer then go ahead and detangle.

Kavita Mevada

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